• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 04
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Die For Me

What is that I see in your eyes?
Love seems to be lost in the fear
Why did you cheat on me, my love?
Why did you commit this crime, my dear?
I shall love you till my last breath
But I cannot forgive this henious act
I cannot move on like nothing happened
I cannot act like everything is intact

I shall kill you with my bare hands
You need to die my darling
What you did, killed me from within
Ditching love, you chose a fling

Soak in my misery, my heart beat
Drown away from the pain you caused
Let me see the betrayal in your eyes
Do not breathe honey, come on pause

Take along your fake promises
Let them envelope you in the sea
Carry with you my heart and soul
Come on my wife, die for me