• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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Did you vote for this?

Is this what it comes to, again?
Looking into the fresh face of fascism.

They say you feel your age
when the policemen get younger, but
no-one laughs about riot shields.

Uniforms are made to make your eyes slide off.
A cut-out without human soul,
the State states itself in avatars.

Did you vote for this?
No, really, this is a democracy, tell me,
Did you fucking vote for this?

Did you think you were done
dragging yourself into warpaint
and summoning the sight?

The effort it takes to see through visors.
The heart’s blood it takes to meet this version
of power, and stare it down.

It’s brass buttons, and it’s Kevlar vests,
and it’s jackboots, and it’s death’s heads,
and it’s men in the streets with their semis.

How far to the right must the dial be turned?
Tell me, again,
did you vote for this?