• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 12
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Exactness is in the cut of those teeth -
    Precise    -     Just so, but

what got lost along the way, exactly?
Lock? Or, was it the misplaced key?

Miss. Place – petite redhead; all curves
and angles - been around the block some,

now left on a shelf; kept in suspension;
at a loss; estranged; dear Estrella,

Estella – Cinderella. Bleak House,
not Great Expectations – small losses

that lead to rust and dust; and, being hung up -
left – dangling - on a wire; up in the air.

Destiny's door remaining shut: 'Keep Out'.
Lock her up and throw away the key - may

be the intention, but truth has a way of being
found out; eye to the keyhole. Witness protection.

Behind the scenes - and unseen - suspicion
springs long-held secrets – out into the open.