• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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At the chequered path of life
a life so vain and unpredictable:
she stands there as a witness
to the injustice

a sharp blow to her convictions
arms crossed at the crossroads of her
unpredictable life
a blind soliloquy in her numb mind

fighting all the incongruous thoughts
in her once pragmatic mind
which once knew all the answers
a mind now so abject
a mind devoid of any explanations;
a mind:
shutting down to any sane explanations

the mind
blank and numb
unable to grasp any meanings
those scribbles;
those scary notes,
merciless scratches she often finds
on her glass window

Go back to where you belong
Herself unable to fathom such
mindless cruelty and disgust in her heart
she asks her heart again and again
with no response



Fervently looking for the forgotten answers
to the one and only question
Where does one belong
when the only home you ever knew
deserts you?