• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 10

Deserted in a Dessert

I moved along with myself, deserted in a dessert. Had nobody by my side but my love, my guitar.. with dreams in my eyes and dusk on my shoes, I cross the narrow route, for the path that I have chose.
I know there will be bruises on the way, and I have to follow my vision without going astray. No trees to give me shelter, no winds to show me the way. All I have is the burning desire that satiates my hunger and the sunshine above my head, giving me the company of my shadow. It is going to be a long troublesome journey, but nothing has ever existed that can break the passion I have to make my own destiny.
For this path will lead to a beautiful end. Where I will rejoice the hardships that I had spend. Where I will be my best companion, who’s learned to fight for himself and make its own way and relish its own company, without any regrets, without a heavy heart, but only tranquility coming in to make home inside this chaotic soul.