• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 12
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Denatured nurturing

We must enlist to nurture even when they denature us
Though they thought us weak and unaware, our resilience was building up to the knowledge of their ways
How small yet mighty they are, devouring the produce of our sweat. Plucking as we sprout with an affinity for the frail.
In hiding we fortify ourselves ready for a battle we know nothing about
Our perfunctory ways no longer possible. Now we must look and take in the danger, cloth ourselves with shields of hope.
When we return to stretch our appreciation with open palms and feel the heart beat of an embrace
Will we remember to nurture these denatured island of bodies?
They may prune us and take our most precious, so we must thrive and resurrect them in our souls
Isn’t it the same savagery that births a cure under a microscope? Promising to ease our pain and tickle our sorrows, to color us a rainbow once again.
When we open shop and count the hours, we must nurture more than they cut. When we dance and cross the skies to prior forbidden land we must not spite this gift with our restive ways.