• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 10
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In my smile you can decipher things unrelated,
like the scavenger that was you,
nibbling on my heart,
crusading and cutting through my veins.
petting and building a home
inside me first,
and then filling my organs
with rosemary and sage.

Setting my insides on fire
and then leaving me in ashes,
You smiled,
Unable to decipher my pain.
And oh I wish, I could elucidate the pain.
the exquisite pain of knowing,
how much I cared,
But no, you don't
and maybe you never actually cared.

So what
If I'm just a piggy?
It's you who brought me up
like your own baby
and then secured my cuffs
to bricks
so that you could drown me
with the waves.



But now, as I swim here in this ocean
Of blood,
Can't you see
the wicked little world
You've created?
The deluded fantasy
That keeps you
Kicking me out
Basking me in water
striping me off my leather skin
and then prying me over a cage?
Isn't it all just too inhumane?

An ocean nevertheless,
Water replaced by blood,
Love replaced by labour,
Skin replaced by leather
And brains replaced by pumpkins
To ruin humanity,
Oppression and violence, a few overused words
I deal with it everyday.

Yet I hope,
my snouts reach you as a poem,
and cries touch you in some levitated frame,
To protect me and mine from a world,
a world full of odious vermin
where every
today begins with a eulogy;
and tomorrow ends in a sermon.