• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 03


As scientific understanding of light advanced,
the spectrum has since been applied by analogy
to topics well outside those understood as 'Optics'.

For instance, I read, "a single left–right
spectrum of political opinion does not capture
the full range of people's political beliefs."

This is what I see – the very definitions
fencing the horizons right in front of us –
we want to cover sunshine with one finger

to break your way through fences & hope
they won't be built again, electrified,
meant to put you & all away from what & who we want.

Our travel documents will need to be replaced
well before their best-before date. We no longer
look the way we did on the first page.

when I was little all I wanted was
to cross the border –
I learned to queue before I could pronounce it &

this day & age others have decided
that to cross the imaginary land should be harder,
impossible for those who dare to dream.

The entry sounds (alas!) definitive:
"there is a unifying theme between the extremes
at either end. This was not always true in older usage."



These words belong to all – permission to reuse,
a drop in the pixel ocean of the Commons,
a contradiction, a dissonance in light of today's cue.

Think of yourself as stateless, paperless, penniless
& without fixed abode – yet so rich in faith
because what's poor is to build these walls between us