• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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My determination is my Riot Suit

My flimsy dress is a contour-molded shell with impact ridges
combined with the shock absorption characteristics of polyethylene
plastic that effectively disperses the impact of your blows, jabs, and projectiles.

My refusal to move is an inner portion
of 1/2” EVA foam sections cut into small rectangles
and then sewn into a full torso/back protective shell
with layers of polyester mesh and brushed polyester for ventilation and comfort.

An added layer of disgust is a polyethylene plastic on top of each small rectangle
that provides additional blunt force reduction.

My less-vital areas of shins, arms, shoulders, and thighs are protected
with non violent polyethylene plastic and peace loving dense foam for blunt force protection.

My clear eyes are primarily designed to withstand blows
and absorb the shock of thrown projectiles.

My smile when it arrives
is a protective shell for blunt force trauma protection.