• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 07
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I strip my mantles
Lie down in waste
Form a circle
Like salt to protect
I have a rubber tyre
Its roundness is the Earth
Spinning without me
I’m disparate
Slowly decomposing
It notices my loss not

I am a compost heap
Slowly returning to animal soil
Losing humanity to survive
Skittering leaves
Are my bedfellows
A wired fence
Is my metallic conscience,
Barbed yet vulnerable

I’ve painted
A giant marmalade lizard
Her warmth echoes
Shining from laid bricks
She winks at me in sadness
Licks her eyes clean
Before sleep
She is my guardian angel
A heathen god



I sleep in a wooden shack
Like a child in a play den
My pyramidal world
Is shrunken yet whole
Plastic layers keep me warm
The rays of the lizard
Are my orbital sun
Shining on liquid limbs
Warming me to life.