• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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Death, the spring and other thoughts

Lighter times require lighter measures
Existential thought by one who treasures
Is it an open universe?
Will it expand forever or reverse?
The garden trees, death they do triumph
The spring awakes them from their sleep
For the moment the flowers riot
For the winter months they have been at peace

Deep thoughts about the years before us
And the years that lie ahead
Thinking back to twenty years and life before the internet
No online occurring FB drama
No Instagramatic picture show
No tweeting from a forlorn leader
And retweets from those in the know

Lighter times and increasing leisure
Gardening to some is a pleasure
Mud and sticks and old bones
Copper coins that lie alone
Looking out from a window
Wispy white clouds passing by
Existential thoughts occur again
And what happens when we die


Death, the spring and other thoughts

Are we just reduced to ashes?
Are we just decaying bones?
What happens to our written journals
Favourite clothes and mobile phones?
What happens to our short lived identities?
Is it lost in nostalgia and to memory?
Will a god of any kind help preserve us
From being written out of history?

The winter months have now ended
The wind toppled fence has now been mended
With daffodils and other flowers
And of course the longer lighter hours
Existential thoughts drift away
Displaced by the quick fix of spring and no workday
But as Easter nears, thoughts of Christ's last breath
And like the trees, his triumph over death.