• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

Death of an Influencer

They say he didn’t kill himself, pointing to the tablescape as evidence.

Why would he kill himself before eating the lobster? they plead, as if partaking in seafood would override the sense of despair he must have felt after his wife took the kids and his lawyer drained him financially.

I know how the appeal of indulgence can leave you hanging on for a few minutes more. I understand how you might want to reward yourself for making it through another day, another hour, a single minute. But still, when I’m alone, I wonder… why buy the lobster? Why prepare it? Why place it on a platter and surround it with even more food that you’ll never eat? Is it because you wanted to make one last statement, a stunning post on Instagram that would make everyone envy your life?

I pull Diamond onto my lap, scratch her furry ears, and wish she could tell me what she saw. What made you realize we weren’t worth the struggle? What made you want me to find you like this?