• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01

Dear Sister

Seems the master’s the same
With the new mistress
She screams just as
The earlier one had
And the one before
How they had turned
Cold and pale, dotted
With crimsons marks and violets
Tell me, dear sister,
How long do we
Take cries for lullabies?

Dear sister, grind the root
That belonged to the woman
From the woods
Sprinkle some in his lentil soup
In his oat porridge in the morning
Shower some in his supper of chicken broth
Simmered on firewood
Worry not, the master
May only get drowsy and rest awhile
If there is such an event
That he doesn’t open his eyes
Let the new mistress
Cuddle our Ginger’s fur
I shall rub oriental turmeric
On her snow-like skin
You sing her your fairy songs
I will whisper something sweet


Dear Sister

A childhood dream to her
Oh, how her eyes will glow
Around the warm hearth
We will make a dandy family.