• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Dear Me/You

Do you still miss me
The way I panic in the dark
The curve of my lip when I doubt myself
This letter is for you/me
The person who was supposed to be
The one who got away

It’s good to hear from you
Where are you living now
Are you still inside
Peering through the curtains
Hoping no one can see you

We always saw you
Didn’t you know
I just pretended you weren’t there
Like a knife in my pocket
Sharp and fresh

Sometimes I hear you leave
To go outside
As if you were the first flower
On earth
Beating out a pulse
And saluting the sun


Dear Me/You

I’m going to have to say goodbye
Someone is waiting for me
Outside in the gloom
It might be you
Finding your way back

Best Wishes