• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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Dead Weight

Weighing the emptiness that the sky holds
endless pain that lives secretly
in the heaving bosom
of those verdant skies

who knows it? who could tell?

stretched taut like a
thrumming wire devoid of its symphony
It’s an endless tale of woe and agony

and we ignorantly live our lives
like a hamster on a wheel
counting trees on the horizon
punctuating the undulating beauty of the rolling hills
blissfully lost in the beauty of nature

strolling in the lush green meadows and rolling hills
if only you could feel the pain it holds
the invisible pain of holding everything together
One last time—
unless the tourniquet breaks and blood gushes out
painting the horizon crimson red.

There is always a weight of the secrets that we carry in our life
something invisible but still existing
like that damn virus that held the lien to our lives
as we hunkered down
lived a version of each of our realities

Did it weigh anything?


Dead Weight

Yet it uprooted our life
and still, we seem to ignore the lesson
that is carved everywhere
in every scar, in every crow's feet,
in every smile,
In every muted whisper
Pain is invisible, weightless

We are masters of disguise
hiding it in plain sight
when everyone knows that once you weigh it out
it springs back to zero.