• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Daughter of the Night – for Shukri Abidi

I see you still


eyes closed


I hear your silence
louder than my screams
before the wave’s final claim


Where I come from, when elders sang songs to us at night, they told us we were daughters of the night, it was always deep, dark moonless night our bodies deep dark moonless our faces deep dark moonless


From night’s womb I came
brief day
you threw me back in its jaw
deep dark sunless the waters deep dark sunless the waves



before the passing


so deep


Daughter of the Night – for Shukri Abidi

before the silence




the gasps


so brief


the breath



The waters were only another kind of night



just stranger



The weight of the world was too much upon me those days
the weight of your hate



too much




My life was a passing from night to night