• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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In Darkness I See

I stood there, the blue silk scarf held in place. My vision removed.
"Trust me, just listen," you whispered from behind.
I took a deep breath and allowed my surroundings to seep in. I could hear the roar of the waves as they crashed against the rocks to my right and the soft ebb and flow of the waves that creeped up the beach tickling my toes. I heard seagulls in the distance squawking. There was more than one. I listened as my senses attuned to my surroundings surprised at what I had missed with my own eyes.
"Can you hear it?" you asked
"I hear everything," I whispered
"Do you hear my heart beat?"
The scarf around my eyes tightened pulling me backwards till I moulded with your body.
"Do you hear it now?"
I listened for a moment and then I felt it, your heartbeat racing against my back. It was strong and as concentrated I noticed that it was beating in unison with my own, thumping to the ebb and flow of the waves around us.
"I hear it, it beats with mine, and the waves."
"Now you are in harmony with nature."
The silk scarf fell from my eyes and I turned to look at you. Your eyes sparkling, your lips smiling down on me. "That was amazing," I said
"Nature is when you take the time to really notice it."
We spent a quiet moment, listening and taking in the wonder of the world. I never realised how blind I was to life until my sight was taken from me.