• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 05

Damn! Those words

Shut your mouth, she said
You're dumb, he said
You're useless, they said

I believed the words
That came out their mouth
Their lipstick clad lips
Their overly white teeth

One day I heard
Some more words
"You're gonna do great sweetie"
"You're nice and sweet, dear"

I turned around
To see where it was coming from
This time there wasn't any lipstick
There wasn't overly pearly teeth

There were dentures
As artificial as they could get
But those words
Damn! Those words

They were like a defibrillator
Like a jolt to my heart
A jolt that brought me back
Back to life


Damn! Those words

And the best thing?
They came out through denture covered mouths
Mouths with wrinkled angles
That had seen ages

But they were it
Damn! Those words