• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04


A week in her dingy sty
Where pigsty was stied in,
And nothing playful passes by
The joyful house silent and empty,
The pandemic has restrained the children
With kitties and puppies tucked away.
And playfulness a thing of the past

Out of the shadows appeared her guide,
With a sing song voice, removing the hinges
She glee with joy at sound of the shower,
Like the lapping of the deep blue
Daisy wiggles flapping her curl up tail.

The loneliness has gone,
As she trots to her favorite spot,
A happy hour of playful drama.
Marveling at her love and care
The nimbleness of her painted fingers
Makes her heart roams freely.

She came to believe that she can sing and text,
Since nothing progresses except technology
And without hands to hug,
Daisy placed her hoof on a tablet pad
Like an x ray machine her thoughts and wishes
Filmed and displayed on the tablet screen
In three letter words saying “I Love You”
Re-animating technology with those words,
She made the room glow with her love
As she rhymed a tuneless melody