• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07

Customary Notions

Living a customary society as I do, I ask myself where the deepest pleasure is to be obtained – modern or the traditional existence. I am readily a victim of deriding by the modern urban trends, who fall short in understanding the psyche behind culture and traditions we are bound to oblige in a traditional culture like myself, unlike the metropolitan fellow being. They would readily ruffle my rustic peace and belief systems with reverberations of the world. If other country folks meet me in person, they would probably ask me if I have seen this or known this music, or play or pictures, I would probably be obliged to reply dwelling in deep thoughts, appearing as a boor to people. The episode leaving me distorted from my centre. My centre of peace, closing me down with an insinuating sense of superiority level, a tingling sensation of dominance over my existence. As the westerns continue to live power and isolated society; disconnected and agitated, I continue to live in my world. Perhaps I should not let myself be concerned about notions and interests of the world and focus on the deep source of content my soil brings me with evidence of a determination to live and experience life’s fullest.