• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 08
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Cusp of Sleep

Sleep well, my sweetheart. My gorgeous girl.
Let the lullaby drift you away
Into that dreamworld of yours,
The land of everything, where bubbles fleck the sky,
Floating idly while the music box plays
Its never ending tune of everything that's good,
With its fairy princess twirling infinite circles.
Around and around and around and around,
Like my finger on the cushion of your palm.
Whispers of I love you and I love you more,
I'll see you in the morning.
I'm not sleepy you say,
Cherubic fingers rubbing your eyes,
Don't fight it, my dearest. Let yourself fall into sleep.
There's a world full of wonder just waiting to catch you,
To take you on a fantastical trip you'll forget in a heartbeat.
Drink it in while you can, taste its delights,
But don't stray into darkness, stay aware from there.
'Though I'll be here regardless. Always remember that.
So sleep well, my sweetheart.
My gorgeous girl.