• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 06

cul de sac

Sitting in a walled room
my thoughts
are              cordoned off
like a broken compass, it always points in one direction
it has lost the hope of validation
being correct is a fallacy these days

the incongruence in the opinions
becomes a matter of perception
people are always boisterous to have an opinion
shouting from the white pixelated screens

an opinionated mind is good for social sustenance
if you want to be heard
become a part of the cacophony
they say

Red Green Red Green
always              bracketed
nothing can remain unlabeled
Uncategorized is miscellaneous

There is always death waiting at the end of a sentence
you avoid it leading to the enjambment
the dotted arrows fail to keep the order
the segregation of the malice from the guilt


cul de sac

But the truth always gets muddled
and no one to get their hands dirty
our delusional minds
think we are progressive
we humans are growing

in search of intelligence
chest-thumping our way to the future
pitted with the shining dreams in our ashen eyes
till we reach the cul de sac
and the world comes to a standstill.