• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 04
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csi gothic

no, sheriff, sir
we ain't seen nobody
least not like that
wouldn't have let 'em stay
even if we had, 'cuz
there's grandma's english silver
grandpa's gold railroad watch
and ma here to watch out for
we don't take to visitors
no, sir

and no, my tight pinched frown
don't mean a thing
cold stare neither
that's exactly how i look
every dang morning in the mirror
before and after a clean shave
same look after my oatmeal
no, don't be saying i look guilty
i been like this since i was
seventeen or so


csi gothic

and don't be talking to the wife
not like that, accusin' her
of lookin' up and to the right
like it's a sign of trying to hide
or dodge away from the question
no, that's how she looks most days
like there's some other place
she's a-thinking of
someplace she gave up on
when she said "i do" and she did

it's the same look she gits
when she stares at that mole
on the back of my head
the one shaped a bit like maine
almost like she's wondering
if it's a sign of something coming

no, sir, you can't have my pitchfork
i have cows to feed and hay don't move
any way but that
what say? why does it look fresh-polished?
that might be the dumbest question
ever to come from a law-man's mouth
if you ever pitched hay in your life
you would know

just like i know from looking at you
you'll never find the body