• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 04
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Crossing Home

Beyond my beloved horizon
Lies hope, I think.
I feel the freedom of the chill wind
As it stirs the snow and puffs of smoke
Between my numb heels,
Between cracked lips,
Between my failing sight.

Will I ever get to you?
Will I ever see your hearth again?
Will I hear your summer voice
Whispering of grass and heavy trees?
Will I bask in the warmth of your smile again?

Beyond these jutting rocks,
Standing grand like old sentinels
At your door, burns my soul.
There's fear beyond these shadows,
There's death and there's love.
What will I meet? You or carrion?

The cold shivers within my lungs,
My blood boils then simmers,
My hands are knuckles of white bone
But I am coming, I am coming home.