• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 08
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The pinks of you
Raspberry chunks, surprising decadence, in a late-night complicit brownie
Bouquets of gladioli, standing sentry, beside your father’s grave
Tacks on our map, jagging impatience, telling your future in capital cities

The yellows of you
Sun’s heat, kissing freckles, you stretching forward a mojito indolent arm
Zest of lemon, bursting out, from your kisses deposited after morning                                                                                                          showers
Tenderness of wool, knitting projects, new family members and good                                                                                                           intentions

The whites of you
Snappish shirt, conforming conservative, first impressions following your                                                                                                    promotion
Empty glasses, waiting willowy, after an evening’s gorged revels
Shopping list, falling softly, left behind to the whirlpool of deferred goals