• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 02
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Crazy wolf

I never wanted it to be like this
But I was beat, fair and square.
I’m a fighter, you know that,
but rules are rules.
And I’m wishing myself with you, holding back tears.
I had to leave you,
had to go.
Hell, no.

I keep thinking, Christ
its not like those documentaries,
families playing in the snow,
intelligent groups, healthy coats.
Some National Park
Hell, no.

I licked my wounds, ate,
followed the river, easy
my nose leading me.
Ancestral rocks beckoning like glorious jet diamonds.

You said ‘stay a little longer’
How dangerous would that have been?
He’d have killed us both and the kids too.
So now I’m the crazy wolf,
anger, grief, firing my slow journey.
A scarred valley behind me and a broken plain ahead.


Crazy wolf

It’s dawn and winter won’t be long,
that misty summer memory of you
all but gone.
They say the soul is fed through wandering
finding meaning in the barren land,
falling into myself.
Knowing who I am.

I’ll be back, better, stronger

I can see us then.
With friends
Where the river bends

Your smell is with me wherever I go
I’d howl if I thought you could hear me

Hell, no.