• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 12
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Cracked skies

moment between life and death
breathing in her spirit
dreams of other worlds
rescued souls travelling into cracked skies

silk walls
sharp edges
slicing through souls
slippery touch

sky people descend
gathering together
watchful and cautious
sweet smelling land catches them

sliding upward they fall free
into the abyss of us
leaving shells of skin
into the galaxy of abundance

ancestors circle
sing to the past
where there is no more time
just space between us and them


Cracked skies

delusional minds, bodies and spirits
lies and truth
blurred realities
ceremony prays for understanding

every strand of this world is alive
through glistening light they sing
darkness still attempts to swallow
but gentle brightness reaches deep inside, unafraid

blue snake slithers into us
deep into the core of the Earth
she opens herself, she’s tired and empty
Earth will rest when we are all fed

she whispers to us, there is no end
no beginning
only souls
and  cracked skies

through our brokenness
we exist
like the sky
we fall