• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08


The costumes are for the role
For a time you are Viola, Beau Brummel
Then it is over, you take the train home
Their private life is their affair,
whether they have off-spring,
if they take to baking cakes
of an evening, forsake a career
for the role domestic. A pity
but there you are. For a time
they put on the costume, the make-up,
marks of distinction, like a heavy chain
of office worn by the mayor,
the corset, collar, cravat,
all part of the illusion, but first
it comes from inside. And training
She was a mezzo-soprano, O, O, O.
What is art? The critics play a part
Performance, costume, make-up
You never know whom you affect
in art. Those who saw remember
Take care now.