• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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Corgito Ergo Sum

I am finally bald.
After all the pretense at being,
I have finally become what i had always been.
I was given gowns and tiaras –
kid gloves and soft mufflers.
I was the poise and delicate sophistication –
I was a mannequin in a glass cupboard.

How was i to know this?
Everybody stopped and stared –
They oohed, they aahed.
How was i to know that i was not alive –
That i had never lived –
That what i had called life was but a fantasy?
How was i to know that i, too, had been deceived?

I see them dying to be me –
Creams and lotions, cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries –
Expensive spas and hair treatment...
They want what i don't even have –
They want the lie that i am trying to sell.
They want the emptiness within.

I thought i was a star
Then my limbs broke, and like everything
That is replaceable, i was given to the darkness –
The cluttered store where i found many me
Staring blankly at the window.
It was in this crypt, i found truth.


Corgito Ergo Sum

You have come to scavenge, haven't you?
To take a torso and fit to a head –
A slender arm to attach to a shoulder, right?
Can you take my head?
It is bald, i know but there's this boy across the road,
Always dressed in Burberry and Levi's.
He had a strong chin, you see
And he always stood as though the world was his.
I want to see if he still stands.
I want to see if his limbs are still intact.
I want to see if he still believes that he is alive.
Can you do that for me?