• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 09

Cooking With Mother

My love, remember you are the finest of flours, the silky-soft baby powder heart of your family. Take your time as you beat the eggs, and when you drip them into the centre of the board carefully bring him into you with just your fingertips.

With a little love and plenty of sweat you need to work that dough.
There is no secret here; we all know what needs to happen, and you my darling, have the arms and passion to keep him here.
It’s the squishing and pushing and pulling of two breaking down, the bringing together of another life into your refined soul.

Stop when you feel a smoothness, you are combined now, it’s time to rest. Wrap up warm, to avoid drying out and breathe.
He will serenade you in an evening and you will drink wine and wonder how you got here.

Wait until the boiling water whistles and you will finally be ready to lay bare. Take up your shape-shifting beauty.
This is your time, choose wildly, be brave.