• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 10


They sent us the floor plan
Seems simple enough
Kinda church-like, centre aisle
What looks like pews
on either side

North facing wall's
a curvature
         (I think we can do something with that)
Frosted glass, it's up to you
Or maybe take advantage
of the view

No, I don't know
What they want it for
They didn't say
Maybe they're religious
Who cares
So long as they pay

Time frame?
Geez, I didn't ask them that
Took them years
To get here
They seem the patient type

Nah, not what you'd expect
Maybe it's all those
Old time shows
Mars Attacks, you know



Left us expecting
little green men
Anyway, it's nearly smoko
Get back to me
Let me know

What you think
We'll set up a meeting
Down at the local
I wonder if they like a drink