• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 11


It often just comes down
to perspective, doesn’t it? she says.
You don’t notice a meteorological disaster
brewing on the Moon
when something shocking has just landed
on your hand –
a cyberwasp, for example, she adds.

Or something crazy like an extra
from ‘Honey I Just Shrunk the Kids’
or ’The Borrowers Reborn’
in a bloody puffer jacket
like some latterday Li’l Red Riding Hood
to vibe with the latest Blood Moon, he jokes.

Aye, brewing up a storm
of cognitive dissonance, right there
on the knuckle of your forefinger –
that’s how they mislead you
so you fail to take in all the
Serious Things Going on in the World,
she asserts.

Yep, throwing you a curve ball
or hitting you with a truckload of memes
to distract you from the UAPs
and non-human biologics, he grins.



Yeah, or doing a bad photoshop on purpose
so you’ll just laugh it off, she concludes.