• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03


He cometh on his noble steed
To save the savages, supply their needs,
To give them comforts, save their seed,
And deliver them from their dreadful deeds,
It’s all confusion.

Now he sits upon his throne
Clothed in riches; savages owned
The steeple topples from greed. Watch stone
Crumble to bits and people moan,
It’s all confusion.

Watch lust and greed embrace us all
While we walk like happy children small
To meet our maker, no souls at all
Emaciated from folly and excess, but standing tall.
It’s all confusion.

Since they have enforced their selfish will
And forced the replacement of good for ill
Through every nation, morals they kill
While values die, money grows, and still
It’s all confusion.