• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 06
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Confounded Selves

Who Am I?

Did you ask yourself so today? I did. I do everyday.

Of the million voices, twisted and contorted in my head, Today, one emerged with a blast of energy, "I am the One in Control."

Strength. And with the lingering resonance of the proclamation, I rose up from my ashes, dusting my wings, a li'l broken...

Another voice softly crept through the back of my head, "I am the One who is Beautiful."

My lips smiled. They were bleeding a li'l bit, bitten too hard, the blood trickling inside the mouth, that washed down the throat, as it reminded my taut body, that I was still warm, I was still alive, I had resurrected. The dawn was breaking.

I heard another whisper from the back of my parched throat, "I am the One who Never Gives Up."

I looked around. Desolation. All was lost. Glimmering ashes as the sunshine of the dawn break rustled through, in slanted rays, invigorating all the memories of pain with the renewed passions of hope. Melancholy and Bliss seemed to coexist in an uncanny perfection, making my limbs feel like those that had been given back life. A toddler who just learned to walk, who just realised the power of it's body. Movement. Moving ahead.

My toes tingled, they wanted to walk towards freedom.

My soul wasn't giving up after all; despite all the harshness it endured, every trauma I had inflicted upon it, it still, still loved my body. It thought I was beautiful. It was ready to give back control, to trust my broken wings to learn again the flights of uninhibited passion. I was in awe.

My heart strummed for me, another voice, said, "I am the One who Loves. I am the One who never stops to Feel."