• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 07
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Composting lives

Sometimes we just have to do it,
Everything may appear abundant and flourishing on the surface,
Our relationships may still appear to be in full bloom,
But the soil that sustained us no longer has the nutrients we need,
To be inspired,
We begin to wilt and fade.

The neighbourhood we thought we’d live in forever,
Disintegrates, crumbles and decomposes,
We change,
Friends desert us to follow their own stories,
Leaving only the debris of their lives,
As memorials to their existence.

Ideas turn yellow from malnourishment,
We must dig up our roots,
Even if it hurts,
Or we will wither away,
Strangled by the encroaching weeds,
Become a human waste ground,
We have to fertilize our minds and souls,
With new experiences, environments and inspiration.

We need to replant ourselves,
Where new friends can pollenate our lives,
Make our hearts buzz again,
In a loam-rich garden of colourful creative delights.