• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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Communicate …

I have been trying to communicate.
I have sent all kinds of symbols and signs and sounds.
Scents of flowers we love.
I've even changed the weather, the temperature.
You think that is easy?
It takes effort!
I'm feeling unheard.
Ignored at times.

Don’t you look up child?
Don’t you look down child?

You humans.
Silly bunch.

Assuming we have all the answers.
When in truth it is
sit here and ponder and wonder:

Are you having fun?
Isn’t this beautiful?

Is there a trace of me there?
Do you remember?

Are you happy? Fulfilled?


Communicate …

What will you do now?
Can I watch?

I’ve been trying to communicate, you see.
Do I hear me?