• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03


My lascivious lord and master appeared,
tried to plunder my satin daybed of treasures.
Fully armed, as he was, he expected to swipe
my defences asunder. His thighs wobbled fatly
beneath his breeches, his metal helmet twisted
round his visored head. Threatened by his pole,
I struck out with my baselard, sheathed on my belt.
I struck his steel breastplate hard. He screeched loud,
foul curses inflated with noisome breath. My blow
fully winded him, and rigid in his armour he toppled
backward on my chaise longue and hit his stupid head.
Satisfied I’d taught him who was boss, I dared him to
defy my command to strip naked, jump in the roiling,
spating river and cool off. Later, dominant, I force-fed
him rotten food to make him crap his innards inside out.