• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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And this is how we will recognise each other, acknowledging our bodies by the blued topology of desire.

Blue is the colour of the taste and touch of your skin; that soft haze of the once-unknown falling away from the body, released from every pore, melting into the air. All that we dream turning to flesh, the form materialising from the plane of imagination—Botticelli’s teal waves.

How to visualise the unseen: create a somatic image of words coloured with emotion and different shades of thought—sentences that become limbs, torsos of cerulean, iris, and viridian; finally, the deep Klein blue of lust.

Venus, fire: regenerative ultramarine, arms and legs fully formed. A head able to see for the first time the tint that makes it whole. Licking gas-blue flames; tongues writing on skin.

My eyes take in people on the street knowing that when it is time I will not know you by your features but those gestures of blue instead; a cloud of instinct that blows towards, then envelopes me. Its shifting hues a reflection of the palette of words, a visual recording of how the shapes we claim transform within a space of wanting.

Anthropometries: all blues lead to this moment—the emerging form becomes a measure, an imprint of each other’s desire, bodies like Klein’s living paintbrushes colouring each other into existence. After, a new kind of silence; the stillness of blue hours.