• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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To close your eyes
Isn't as if to die
Perish the thought
That I'm gone
My prayers are long winded
Worry beads
That trickle down my eyes
Like victory laps
Across the brazen face
That has been even tempered
In heat wave and permafrost
But opens up now
As if it has thawed
Like a dormant, deep slash
Mile long in the mind
Inching deep into the heart
That maneuvers itself across life
In an abrasive counterpoise
Like a trusted knife
To remove the settled dust of time
From cobwebbed images
Hanging on the messy display
Of my exhibit A.
Just pray
So that light stays
Within the four corners of
The visual condensation
That blocks my view
Of the outer night



This is divine
As it is pristine
A moment soft and crystalline
That might break
If plucked from its place,
Let it stay
Like a passing day
That stops in its steps
To never go away.