• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 09


You know, I've always considered myself to be a public-spirited kind of person. So, when I heard you NYPD guys were asking for information I got myself down to the precinct straight away. No, I didn't see her actual face but that pink coat I’d recognize again anywhere. In fact I’d say it’s literally seared into my memory. On account of how it clashed with her red umbrella. Pity you didn’t get a shot of that. That kind of combination is a real slug in the kisser. Has to be the same woman. Anything else? Well, there’s the grey perm. And the shoes. I remember those. Not quite the same grey. I’d say those were more like taupe. Shame she didn’t still have those two handbags when you guys snapped her. One of those was pretty distinctive and, to be fair, the other one did match the shoes. Why was she carrying two bags around, I asked myself. What’s that? The woman in the car? No, I didn't get a good look at her either. Quite a bit younger though I reckon. Brown hair, white shirt. That’s all I could see. And the car? Well, hard to pin down exactly, but kind of like the color of Dijon mustard. What make was it? Sorry officer, you got a New Yorker born and bred here, what I know about cars you could fit on a button. So, did I hear what they were talking about? No, you can't hear jack at that time of day downtown. I guess the woman in the car was asking how to get past all the goddam roadworks. No, that’s about it I guess. Well, you're welcome. Just trying to do my bit you know. If more people in this city paid a bit more attention to stuff when they’re out and about who knows, maybe you guys would be able to get to the bottom of a few more of these terrible things that keep happening. And there was definitely no red umbrella at the scene? I don’t know what she was thinking. Still can’t get it out of my mind.