• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 05
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‘It’s my third chance’.

I thought as much when I saw it.

The first had been on that street corner in Berlin, where I had seen the large stuffed toy. It was right near our apartment and I had thought I would pick it up right after my trip to the supermarket. It was injured and dirty. It needed tending to and stitches on one of its’ legs.

When I came back it was gone, someone had taken it to cherish.

The second had been inside that antique shop in Galle, Sri Lanka. The different colours of wood paint were many and you had tried to bargain the best price for the one in the most perfect shade. It was tarnished but beautiful.

‘What will he do with it madame?’ the shopkeeper had asked me.

Then he had doubled the price and we had laughed and left.

The third, this postcard, this could have been it!

But alas it was only a horse. Plastic and glistening alone on the side of an empty pool, I understood him.

I once was a unicorn too, in someone’s eyes.