• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 04
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Cold War

Closed the cabin door behind me
At daybreak
The baby came too early in the dark night.
While snow piled up around us.

Trudging trudging trudging through blinding white.
Wrapped in the mountain quiet
And my woolen beet colored cape,
Reassuring color of heat and warmth.

My baby wrapped safe in my arms
Shaded from icy sunlight by my hat’s wide brim
Still, nose numb and cheeks chapped from wind.
Trusted boots crunching crunching crunching.

The free clinic cabin stood in a snowfield hillside
Welcoming smoke climbing from its brick chimney
Frozen feet inside my boots moved faster at the sight.
Fingers inside gloves stiff with cold and hope.

Too late too late too late!
My hat shaded her face
My cape kept her safe next to my heart.
Not enough to keep
Her warm.