• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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Clouds / Cloud Leopards

... I awake on the shoreline of the next day
... and everything is beige again,  in a new light
                                                    in (sheet-filtered) twilight.

Everything is beige-r than before
: so beige as to be bizarre :
Everything is bizarre-r than before

Like a numb arm tingling
its way
back to:

back to,
I sway,
tingling, like a numb arm.

When I was the Cloud Leopard:
Light was made easy
Darkness made itself scarce
We became like Gods among men
Walking down Byres Road like The Sun,
And heaven and hell are both socialist
But we are in the former.


Clouds / Cloud Leopards

Form A : Dense Cloud : Reality
I came back with a bag full of answers
And yet they shimmered smaller as I walked
their way
back to