• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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Cloud or Candy Floss

Born out of copper sulphate
mixed with other solutions
I'm a young scientist's
wonderful creation

When you hear the sound
and see me standing
in front of you
you may be sacred
You may think it's lethal
if you touch me
if you breathe me
but if you dare
to walk through me
I'll take you to
my adventurous sci-fi like world

My country is called
Blue Cloud or Gentle Candy Floss
In my land
flowers and greenery
float in the air
The sky rests down
like blue grass

As you'll travel in the boats
you'll learn to fight against
giant one-eyed monsters


Cloud or Candy Floss

You'll go for
blue sapphire hunts
You'll receive blessings
from Blue Turquoise Fairy

When you're back
on planet Earth
memories of me,
my family and my land
will surely linger
in your mind

I'm a friend,
not a foe
Judge me not
by my appearance

Whenever you'll feel low
I'll appear and cheer you up.