• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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Your soft gaze,
Filled with delusion and paranoia,
Confuses me.
A lonely giant,
With the face of an endangered species,
At first you look adorable, harmless, approachable...
In need.

But, if I get too close to your mouth,
You will bite me.
Your touch is clumsy and lethal.
Your claws are sharp
And they cut me deep.

Still, I can love you all the same,
For in my deepest dreams,
There, you run free...
So inviting and friendly.

The best of you,
I keep in my secret space,
Locked up with dreams and promises.



Can you really hurt me?
I wonder...
With such lovely gentle face
and adorable appearance?

I didn't take long to find out,
That you prefer the loneliness of your imprisonment,
Than to be free,
By my side!

Any love or touch,
Is too risky,
So, you keep me at distance.

But, with your soft face and lonely gaze,
You are irresistible,
You always attract me back to danger.

I can almost love you completely.
But, your wilderness is deceiving,
Your heart is an enigma that can't be read.
You have the heart of a beast.

Lonely creature ...
Beautiful creature,
You will destroy anyone,
That gets too close.