• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Close My Eyes In The Light.

You want to force my eyes closed like those before me.
Force my eyes closed to those that come after.
But I have a knowing, a knowing from within.
I have a knowing this day would begin.
And I sit here in the dawning and choose to close mine.
To allow the light to shine,
The light warm on my skin in it’s beauty.
I wrap my hair and wear it proud.
Wrap it in cloths of colour and allow it catch in the light.
I close my eyes with knowing.
I close my eyes with peace.
You cannot force my eyes unseeing
For I see from beneath.
I close my eyes and allow the light to catch the colour.
Allow the light to find my skin
The light to shine for those on the pathway.
The light catch’s colours of beauty.
The light it shines from within.