• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 07
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City to City

Berlin born, I said abschied long ago,
ejected by circumstance, I travelled,
revelling in experiences, happy and sad,
leaving memories in those hidden places,
inside the cities cracks, only the knowing know,
never spoken aloud, here, the city relaxing, respires.

Tomorrow I journey once more
onward across the world, switching seasons.

Melbourne’s southern shoreline calls,
empire born, the city became itself
long ago, the centre of impressionistic art,
bending rules, it exhibits itself to the world,
ocean cooled, literature sits at its centre,
underwriting, every action and distraction,
recognising, talent of all stripes and none,
never discriminating, welcoming arms smile g’day,
esky’s full, let's barbie, come on, off we go.