• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01

Citizens of the Globe

Arise citizens of the globe,
Let’s vacate the earth
Leave our shoes behind
an unlatched door,
for someone else to wear.
Be it for a day, a week, a year.

Take leave to view the world anew.
Tickets admit one,
To freedom of an afternoon.
To an opening of the mind.
To become tourists on a
limited trip so sublime.
Of our own land our
own space continuing time.

To view it as a whole,
To view it anew,
Bringing it into the conscious.
Bringing it into a future view.
Before it is all gone,
Gone and disappeared.
For alas we blindly destroy
all that we hold dear.

Let’s row our way through the atmospheres.
Fly between our sub-conscious
and the conscious dear.
Drifting between the day-dreaming colours of our times.
Wide eyed and honestly


Citizens of the Globe

truly in awe of the view.
Sailing our pressurised ballon imaginations through dawning skies.
Buy stamps from Paris
and dance to Timbuktu.
Post letters that fly like those multi-coloured balloons.

In your minds eye all in an afternoon.
Let’s become tourists of our world,
Strangers if you will.
And marvel at the earthly view.
Write again and regale a fantastical tale.

Oh what is to come through
the veiled moments of time.
What seismic shift will take place
of earths plates.
As we just simply sit and eat
as if on a date.
Let’s vacate the earth
while time stands still
Let’s drift and view it anew.
View it as a multi-coloured ballon.

Oh what a gift to drift in an
atmospheric dreaming afternoon.
Arise citizens of the globe
Let’s not delay the vacay
Let’s look upon and appreciate
Let’s vacate the earth
And become strangers
of our own world again.
And hold the view anew.
As if adrift in a multi-coloured balloon.