• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 10


So, you are Ambroise of Normandy, and you are chronicling the Third Crusade: I’m honoured to make your acquaintance, sir. My time is short, but I will tell you what you wish to know.

Everyone has heard of the Knights Templar: oh, yes, indeed. Famous, or infamous, if you like. What you will not know, of course, is that we, The Knights of the Sepulchre, were their brothers in arms. We fought beside them, shared some of their aims. I joined their number as a young man, serving as High Master until my fiftieth year - a good age to have still been in office. Unlike the Templars, we do not hold our stewardship for life. I’d had my fill of war and striving, and was glad to hand over responsibility to a younger generation.

We of the Knights of the Sepulchre never had the power or the resources of the Templars, but, in truth, I believe that was no bad thing: we were never sucked into the politics of martyrdom as was the case with our Templar brothers. I believe we did as much good in our relative obscurity. We were free to help the needy, or lend our swords to the crusading cause, as we saw fit.

Like the Templars, we took the Cross as our symbol. The upright argent - that’s white to you, if you’re unfamiliar with heraldic terminology - against the sable field, represents the splitting open of Death’s tomb to let the light of Redemption shine in the darkness of evil.

Saladin - ah, but there’s a name to conjure with. Yes, I knew Saladin - for a short time before he died. Though there were many years between us, and in spite of our different creeds, he was a man of great honour and chivalry.

Be sure you record that in your chronicle, sir.