• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 02
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Christopher, being strange, did not make up
For all the stranger things we might have said.
I said, I’ll see you waiting on the hill;
You said, I’ll see you standing in the range.

There’s something missing. Cold becomes too much
When cold is all there is; but no, there’s not.
I said, I think the sea is in the distance;
You said, I think that isn’t sea but sky.

Remember when I said you were a wolf?
You didn’t understand; I didn’t care.
You said, There’s wolves and wolves, and I said, No,
There’s only wolves of one type: that type’s yours.

I want the day to brighten. Sunlight happens
Because if it were always dark we’d die.
I said, This lack of sun! (I lacked all sight.)
You said, I love horizons. So do I.

The mist! Why mist must deepen in the world
I can’t say; I don’t know but know one thing:
I said I would be waiting down below,
You said you would be waiting up above.

That’s all. Imagine if you can the stranger
Who’ll never be a stranger in the end:
I didn’t want to stay down in the range;
I climbed and climbed. I’m with you on the hill.